Sunday, September 5, 2010

Got my greetings cards back from the printers!!!

Here they are... I am sooo excited!!!

Next step = working out a business plan *gulp* and selling them!


  1. Lovely designs. I really like the crispness of the colourful design on the cool white card background. Not fussy - simple but fun.
    I hope that you do really well selling them. Keep us updated on twitter!

    Emma (Kullakita Cards)

  2. Thank you so much :-) appreciate your lovely message. Have a fabulous day

  3. WoW!! They are fabulous! I bet you are so pleased with them. Good luck with your business plan ☺

  4. They look the business! Fabulous :o) of course I'm loving the cupcakes but also loving my other secret obsession.....the handbags! I hope you sell mountains of them x x

  5. Beautiful - I love the shoes! - met you on business chicks! Helen

  6. Love your cards!
    the shoes and the house ........Oooo and the cupcakes! Which to choose???